How Music Can Relieve Tension and Smelly Feet

Music has remarkable powers when it comes to relieving tension and stress. Listening to your favorite tunes can help your body and mind unwind after a long day. But did you know that music can also help with smelly feet? It’s true! Certain types of music can reduce foot odor and promote healthy feet.

When we are stressed or anxious, our bodies produce stress hormones like cortisol. These hormones cause our muscles to tense up and can make us feel jittery and on-edge. Music has the power to lower cortisol levels and relax tense muscles. Upbeat tunes can lift your mood while slower tempos and classical music are especially calming. As music eases tension in the body and mind, you’ll feel yourself unwinding. Your heart rate slows, breathing deepens, and those clenched muscles start to loosen up. Tension melts away as soothing notes wash over you. Music is a simple yet effective way to let go of stress.

While relaxing music helps the whole body decompress, certain genres may provide extra benefits for stinky feet. The pedal tones and deep bass notes in electronic dance music and dubstep vibrate at frequencies that can help dislodge bacteria and sweat residue from the feet. Metal songs also tend to have fast tempos and heavy bass which create vibrations that act like a foot massage. The intense rhythms break up dead skin cells and dirt between the toes. This clears away bacteria that cause odor.

Classical songs and soft piano music promote circulation in the feet. As blood flow increases, fresh oxygen travels to sweat glands and kills bacteria. The improved circulation also carries away waste and bacteria so less gets left behind to create smells. Try a foot spa with soft piano tunes playing to maximize circulation benefits. The massage-like water jets also fight odor by displacing bacteria. Finish with a cold water rinse to close pores and prevent future sweating and smells.

To get the full tension and foot odor relieving benefits, make your own relaxation playlist. Pick songs from genres like:

  • Classical and piano for circulation
  • Chillout, ambient or acoustic for relaxation
  • Electronic dance, dubstep or metal to vibrate away bacteria
  • Nature sounds like ocean waves, rainfall or meditation bowls to de-stress

Keep the playlist handy for times when you need to unwind. Play it during a foot soak after a long day or anytime tensions start to rise. The combination of music’s calming effects and toe-tingling vibrations gives you relief for both mind and smelly feet. While listening, visualize stress melting away as your feet become fresh.

Music is one of the fastest and easiest ways to relax. It soothes the mind, body and feet by lowering stress hormones, relaxing muscles and fighting foot bacteria. Explore different genres to find your own tension-taming tunes. Let the healing vibrations of sound wash over you and keep those feet fresh. A daily dose of relaxing music will have you feeling relaxed and odor-free in no time. Give your feet and mind the relief they need with music’s magic.