Why won’t Spotify play on Bluetooth?

Having trouble getting Spotify to play music through your Bluetooth speaker or car stereo? You’re not alone. Bluetooth streaming can be finicky at times, and Spotify has its fair share of quirks when it comes to wireless connectivity. Here are some tips to help get Spotify streaming properly via Bluetooth again.

Check Spotify settings

The first thing to check is whether Spotify has permission to play media audio over Bluetooth. Open the Spotify app, go to Settings > Playback and toggle the switch next to “Allow playback via Bluetooth” to the ON position. This ensures Spotify is allowed to transmit audio over Bluetooth connections.

You’ll also want to make sure the Quality is set to ‘Automatic’ so it can adjust to provide the best audio quality possible over Bluetooth.

Check Bluetooth device volume

Before troubleshooting too much on the Spotify side, make sure the volume on the Bluetooth speaker, car stereo, or other receiving device is turned up. It’s easy to forget to check this, but often the device volume being too low or muted is what’s preventing Spotify audio from coming through.

Restart Bluetooth on device

Sometimes the Bluetooth connection just needs a quick reset. Turn off Bluetooth on your phone, speaker, car, or other device that’s having trouble playing Spotify audio. Give it 5-10 seconds then turn Bluetooth back on. Reconnect the Spotify device and see if music starts streaming. This reboot of the Bluetooth connection often resolves temporary glitches.

Re-pair Spotify device

If Spotify still won’t play after trying the above, the next step is to un-pair the device from your phone and re-pair it. Go to your Bluetooth settings and “Forget” or un-pair the Spotify device. Then go through the connection process again – make the device discoverable and pair it with your phone. This creates a fresh Bluetooth connection which may get Spotify audio streaming again.

Check app background restrictions

Some Android devices have app battery optimization and background restrictions that could interfere with Spotify’s ability to transmit via Bluetooth. Check your phone settings and make sure Spotify isn’t being limited or put to sleep in the background – give the app permission to run freely in the background.

Update Spotify app

Outdated app versions can sometimes experience glitches and connectivity issues. Make sure you have the latest version of the Spotify app by checking for updates in the App Store or Google Play Store. Update and reinstall Spotify if an update is available.

Restart your phone

As a last resort, completely restart your phone if Spotify still won’t cast to Bluetooth. Anecdotally, some users have reported restarting their iPhone or Android phone solves temperamental Bluetooth connectivity problems with not just Spotify but other apps as well. It’s worth a shot!

Get help from Spotify

If you’ve tried all the typical troubleshooting techniques and Spotify still refuses to play nicely with your Bluetooth, you can reach out to Spotify directly for assistance. Open a support ticket through the Spotify for Artists hub or Spotify Community forums explaining the Bluetooth issues you’re experiencing. The Spotify support team may be able to diagnose more complex problems underlying your streaming difficulties.

The world of Bluetooth is far from perfect, and technical glitches are common. But in most cases, Spotify playback issues over Bluetooth can be resolved with a little troubleshooting know-how. Test these fixes to get Spotify music streaming seamlessly to wireless speakers and car systems once again.