Since its establishment in 2007, sgtp has been focusing on performance brokerage, deepening the performance of industry segmentation, and at the same time making a strategic layout of the entire industry chain. Now it has performance hosting capacity in nearly 9 cities across the country. sgtp has 100 theater operating rights and is the largest theater in the country. At present, sgtp has become a unique leader in the performance industry.

sgtp’s original F-3C industrial chain layout business model has formed a parent-child cultural entertainment, independent music label, concert brand, international musical, stage art platform, tourism performance, performance peripheral derivatives, theater management, ticket sales. The business structure of the platform and the 10 sub-brands of sgtp fund and the parent company “parallel chariot”. The 10 sub-brands adhere to the corporate culture of the parent company’s pursuit of excellence, and each of them deeply cultivate their respective industry segmentation areas, and make a strategic layout of the real industry chain.